The name “Berean” was chosen by our church to express our desire to be like a group of people in Bible times.  Acts 17:10, 11 states that those in the ancient city of Berea; “… received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” The name “Berean” expresses our desire to be like the people of ancient Berea in these ways:

  • We desire to receive the Word of God with “all readiness of mind.”
  • We desire to have a spirit of eagerness and willingness, even a hunger and thirst to hear the truth of God’s Word. Because of this we have dedicated our church ministries to the exposition and teaching of the Bible.
  • We desire to be diligent in our study of Scripture. The people of Berea “searched the Scriptures daily.” We want to be a people who are committed to a daily, personal intake of the Word of God.
  • We desire to be a discerning people. The people of Berea heard the words of Paul and Silas and compared them with the Old Testament Scriptures in order to see “whether those things were so.” In a world with so many voices claiming to speak the Word of God, we want to be discerning, by comparing all the words of men with Scripture itself.