Membership and Our Statement of Faith

In order to state clearly what we believe in an age of apostasy, apathy toward biblical doctrine, and ecumenical confusion, Berean Baptist Church has adopted a doctrinal statement or Statement of Faith. This Statement represents our beliefs on particular biblical teachings which distinguish and identify us. The Statement does not reflect all the Scriptures teach or all that we believe.

The Statement of Faith serves as an introduction to the doctrine our church holds, and may be used as a teaching tool for those who desire church membership. We do not expect anyone joining our church to be prepared to personally adopt every detail that the Statement teaches prior to membership. We recognize that spiritual growth will be necessary for the understanding and assimilation of the truths of Gods Word and we do not expect that every new member will have a thoroughly formulated understanding and acceptance of every aspect of the Statement of Faith. However:

  • If there is a definite disagreement with a stated belief prior to reception as a member, we will put the membership request on hold until the matter can be resolved.
  • We will ask those becoming members for a willingness to be taught the truths mentioned in the Statement and an agreement to address differences in accordance with the statement below.

In our Church Covenant members agree to sustain the churchs doctrine. If a time comes when a member, through careful study, cannot agree to a part of the Articles of Faith,

  • They should come to the pastor of the church for counsel about their differing beliefs. If a matter in the Statement of Faith is found to be in error when compared to the Word of God, a correction can be made with proper congregational involvement. If a unity in doctrine cannot be attained, the individual will be asked to remove his membership.
  • Public statements or the sowing of discord among other church members over an individuals disagreement with the Statement of Faith will be considered a violation of our Church Covenant and a matter for church discipline. 

The Pastor, Deacons, and all those involved in a teaching or leadership ministry in the church must be in agreement with and guided by the Statement of Faith. Knowingly teaching doctrine contrary to the Statement of Faith or expressing differences outside the guidelines mentioned above, will be considered a matter for church discipline and removal from teaching or leadership responsibilities until the matter is resolved.

All guests involved in any teaching ministry (speakers, singers, teachers…) and our supported missionaries should be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.

(At present we do not have an official procedure in place to help us with this matter. Discerning the doctrinal agreement of our guests rests primarily with the pastor and his knowledge of those invited to serve in a teaching capacity. One way to practice this discernment is to only use church members in these teaching ministries, who by virtue of membership have already identified with our doctrines. It should also be noted that agreement with our doctrines is not the only consideration made in inviting a non-member to participate in a teaching capacity.)