Pursuing Church Membership

Our church Articles of Organization state: Persons wishing to join this church shall make written application to the Pastor and Deacons, whose duty it shall be to make diligent inquiry into the spiritual fitness of the applicant and, if found satisfactory, to make a recommendation to the church.

  • Obtain an Information Sheet and return it to the Pastor or one of the Ushers. This Information Sheet constitutes your written application.
  • Read through our Articles of Organization. On the Information Sheet you will be asked if you agree with and support the Articles of Faith and the other Articles which form our “Constitution.” You will also be asked if you agree with and are willing to commit yourself to the Church Covenant.

There are several additional sheets in this packet which describe how we use and think about our church documents. The third is a statement on several distinctives of Berean Baptist Church.

For the sake of unity and to preserve the doctrinal positions of our church we ask that you identify any areas where there is disagreement or that may serve as a source of contention.

  • Following the receipt of the Information Sheet the Pastor and one or more of the Deacons will arrange to meet with you to answer any questions you have in regard to the Covenant, Articles of Faith, or Constitution.

At this meeting you will be asked to share your testimony of salvation and of believer’s baptism. They will also hear any reservations you may have about the Articles of Organization and seek to resolve them if possible. Any questions which arise from your Information Sheet will be asked and you will by advised of the remaining steps to membership.

  • Once you have met with the pastor and deacon(s), we will schedule a church service for you to give a testimony of your salvation to the church family. Typically this will be done on a Sunday evening.
  • After the church hears your testimony the deacons will present a recommendation to the church. The church will then vote to officially receive you as a member of Berean Baptist Church. You will be asked to remain at the front of the church as our church members extend to you “the right hand of fellowship”, encouraging you and welcoming you as a member of this church body.